How it works

We welcome you to INVESTMENT WORLD. an Hourly Pay investment platform , the first investment company with larger profit ,A System with Artificial Intelligence, we have EV SSL from Comodo. DDOS Protection .we have Reliable and Profitable Plans . This program is open for Investors all over the world, people who makes Investments and Enjoy Profit. We accept ,Paypal, credit cards, debit cards, Bitcoin , Ethereum and Bitcoin cash. We Provide 100% Money Back Guaranteed with Profit. FASTER GROW YOUR MONEY START MINIMUM $50. We ensure the security of your account and the security of your funds .We study the market every day, find and evaluate new potential projects. Daily interest investment

Why Invest With Us?
Trust, reliability, and transparency is our ethos. And we’re proud to keep our values aligned with our clients visions in order for them to achieve the highest levels of investment safety, security and peace of mind allowing them to continue their daily lives whilst their money works for them. Your capital investment remains 100% protected. Our investment methods are unique. We utilize cutting edge technology and trade a diverse range of currency pairs. With the simple and logical investment plans accompanied by high and stable profit, it will simplify everyone’s thinking about the online investment world and help people make money more easily in that.The most important aspect of our investments, which range from low, middle and high income are based on the fact that our core investment is always guaranteed. invest

How to Invest.

Click on our Investment plan.( Choose the best perfect plan for you.

Fill in the form and all page must be filled correctly.

We have 3 plans:

First Plan: Minimum is $1500-$10000 , 50% total returns + Your Investment deposit. after 5 hours without delay.

Second Plan: Minimum is $11000-$99,000 , 50% total returns + Your Investment deposit. after 10 hours without delay.

Third Plan: Minimum is $100,000- Unlimited , 50% total returns + Your Investment deposit. after 24 hours without delay.

We only have 3 ways of payouts to Investors.

First: Bank Acccount ( it takes 24 hours to refelect into your account after we have paid out)

Second: Cryptocurrency Wallets , Bitcoin, Etherum, Bitcoin cash ( it takes 30mins to confirm and be in your wallet after payout)

Third: Paypal. ( it takes 24 hours to be aviable in your paypal account)

How our registration works.

We automatically create and manage your account as soon as you invest. we send you a message with a link direct to your dashboard so that you can be able to see and track your investment and watch your profit grow. we do this so as not to stress our investors from filling long form for regastration. we pick up your informations you fill when making your investment and automatically create your account and dashborad. INVESTMENT WORLD is always at your service. we are committed to bringing you the best investment opportunities.
INVESTMENT WORLD. do not charge any fees. our fees are paid to us by the companies we use in accpting and paying out funds. we believe in helping our investors to achieve their financial goals. Our program, unlike any other, guarantees fix hourly interest for investors regardless of market conditions. After years of professional trading we have joined our skills, knowledge and talents in the effort to bring a new reliable investment opportunities. Start investing today.

Please do not fail to write review about us and your experince,after you have invested and received your profits. it helps our company and also create more trust to our investors.

For any further inquiry, information or help from us,you can contact at